Important entry Info: No children under the age of 5, unless special arrangements are made in advance. This is for adoption purposes only.

Children age 5-12 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult for every 2 children.


Upon entry, all guests should check in, pay entry fee of $5 for at least one hour and sign our release of liability waiver. Please read and sign our waiver. Cats are loving but can be unpurrdictable!

Please refrain from picking us up. It's tough to resist, we know!

Be calm and playful, we will come to you. Toys are available.

Please, do not disturb our catnaps.

Take our photos, but please no flash.

Please do not bring any animals into the cafe.

Never chase us, pull our tails, whiskers or ears! It’s grounds for dismissal.

Do not share any human or outside food with us, even if we meow or beg.

Adults, please supervise your children
. We want to enjoy each other’s company

Be Gentle, Be Calm, and Purr On! 


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